I am a writer, currently working on a novel*.

I have an MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, where I studied with Sir Andrew Motion, Jo Shapcott and Susanna Jones. (An extract of my work was published in Bedford Square 2.) I’ve also been on two Arvon retreats and been a member of writing groups both on- and off-line.

I wrote for a long time. Then I was not writing for a long time. Then I started writing again. I learned two things:

  1. Not writing is much worse than writing, even if writing is so difficult you do anything to avoid it, including, but not limited to, working a real job.
  2. The writing does the writing. If you’re not writing at all, then you never have any ideas.

Here’s the only advice you need:

Sit down and write. Write about not writing if you have nothing else to write about. Write about it until you have no option but to bloody well do some.

(*Or googling pre-revolutionary France, calculating how long I’d have to run to burn off a digestive, making another list (with checkboxes), fiddling with the thermostat, checking twitter, urgently online shopping for something or other. All possibilities. If we were going to get all Schrodinger about it I’m doing all of these things right now. Don’t let that disturb you.)