How do you walk in high heels? Practice.

Why aren’t *you* writing?

I've been writing more in the last couple of months than I have done in recent memory (although, to be fair, my memory is absolutely shot thanks to the joys of not sleeping properly for [...]

A Common Spot Of Bother: dealing with endings

I’ve taken to writing short stories lately. Perhaps I should always have been trying to write them, I don’t know, but they suit where I am right now, as a writer, and as a person, [...]

Broken Things

The day before I was due to pack up the car and leave Hay, I went browsing in a little shop I love. I’ve been going in for years, and have bought lots of lovely [...]

The Long Year of Not Writing

After some deliberation last summer I decided I’d out myself as a writer. The little fella was starting school in September, which meant a whole host of new people to greet and avoid five days [...]

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