Nothing Has Changed

“Nothing has changed.”
“You sure?”
“How about now?”
Benjamin slid out from under the desk and frowned at Bixby. “Are you absolutely sure?”
“I’m absolutely sure.” Bixby kept his eyes on the screen, chewing his upper lip.
“But if it’s not the equipment, it’s an unchangeable.”
“It’s an unchangeable.”
“That can’t be right.”
Benjamin stood up and brushed the back of his trousers with his hands. Standing behind Bixby he pointed at the screen. “Isn’t that different? That coat she’s wearing.”
“No, Benj, it’s the same.”
“We’ve tried everything. We’ve fiddled with all the external parameters, we’ve fiddled with all of the wires and connections and drives and switches.”
“Whichever future you’re looking at, she dumps you in all of them.”
Benjamin put his hands on his hips. “I don’t understand. It doesn’t make sense as a fixed event.”
“You mean it doesn’t make sense for you to be dumped, as clever and handsome as you are.”
“But there must be a way in.”
“Not in this job. Not on my pay packet.” Bixby stood up and began pulling on his jacket.
“We could go internal.”

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