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21 03, 2016

Why aren’t *you* writing?


I've been writing more in the last couple of months than I have done in recent memory (although, to be fair, my memory is absolutely shot thanks to the joys of not sleeping properly for the last seven years so there could have been some really prolific months in there and I wouldn't have a [...]

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4 03, 2016

A Common Spot Of Bother: dealing with endings


I’ve taken to writing short stories lately. Perhaps I should always have been trying to write them, I don’t know, but they suit where I am right now, as a writer, and as a person, and, strike me down for saying so, but I’m enjoying the play again. The story under consideration the last couple [...]

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10 06, 2015

Broken Things


The day before I was due to pack up the car and leave Hay, I went browsing in a little shop I love. I’ve been going in for years, and have bought lots of lovely things. I was very aware of the enormous rucksack on my back, and trying not to break things by spinning [...]

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5 03, 2015

The Long Year of Not Writing


After some deliberation last summer I decided I’d out myself as a writer. The little fella was starting school in September, which meant a whole host of new people to greet and avoid five days a week (I’m not known for my sociability) and the inevitable question, repeated thirty-odd times: “What do you do?” What [...]

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3 02, 2014

Waving, not drowning


When is not writing actually writing? When it's a raven. (I've been trying to solve that riddle since I was five. It worms its way out at odd moments.) Over the last few months, while I haven't been here that much obviously, I've been over at my other site, PracticeWriting, rolling along in regular practice. I [...]

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27 05, 2013

Story is King


Bobette Buster is a great name, isn't it? It has alliteration, punch, and origin. You know you're not going to meet a mousy woman from Wolverhampton with a name like Bobette Buster. Bobette, who is a story consultant for Pixar among other things, took to the stage last night at the Hay Festival to tell [...]

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